What do you desire?

A moment with Charlee is like time in paradise. She is more than a really beautiful woman: she had a great personality and an amazing smile with a magnetic look. She makes you comfortable and when she invites you to share the most wonderful intimate moment of your life; it’s like nothing else matters. A really great experience that you want have more than once.

- L., Moncton

What do you dream?

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Charlee Rose. We spent a wonderful afternoon together and to be perfectly honest, my head and my heart are still buzzing. We had already been talking for a couple weeks so when she entered the room it wasn’t like I was meeting a stranger.

What followed was absolutely perfect. It was intense. It was passionate. She introduced me to new things. There was a moment when we just connected and I can say without hyperbole it was the one of the most heated, ecstasy-filled moments of my life. Just thinking about it gets my heart pumping.

Do yourself a favour and contact Charlee Rose. She’s a beautiful soul who makes me feel wanted and desired. Whether you’re looking for passion, if you want someone to simply spend the day with or if you want to look into the most gorgeous eyes, I guarantee that when it’s over you will be thinking about her for years to come.

- B., Halifax

How can you be fulfilled?

Once I arranged to meet up with Charlee we talked about things we enjoy. Knowing what she likes and matching that with what I enjoy was part of her making me comfortable, relaxed. She is very giving of herself and I felt connected. She has given me some of the things back that I had missed about myself. Follow up visits are just as special.

- K., Halifax