summer sweat

Before becoming a companion, I was not very present online - I didn’t have a personal twitter, my instagram is small and private for close friends and family, and I didn’t have a facebook profile. I liked living offline and wondered how people with online personas were able to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle of an “influencer” or an online businessperson.

I’ve been in the industry since the new year and am STILL trying to figure out how to keep up! Self-taught marketing and media engagement is certainly an art and I have newfound respect for those who do it full-time and have for a while, or for those who choose to partake. Maybe someday I’ll get the hang of it!

That being said, thank you for your unending patience while I sort out this whole blogging thing. As you may have already noticed, I’m going on tour to Ontario and Quebec in September with stops in the following areas:

Markham ON :: Sept 11 (available for late afternoon, evening, overnight, and morning)

Ottawa ON :: Sept 16 (evening), Sept 17 (all day)

Montreal QC :: Sept 18 (evening), Sept 20 (all day), Sept 21 (all day) [FULLY BOOKED]

As you can see, I’m fully booked in Montreal, and already have some time booked in Ottawa. I’m taking limited dates during my tour as it’s also a bit of a vacation for me, so act fast if you’d like to see me in Markham or Ottawa!

As always, so appreciative of all of you who choose to spend your time with me. It’s always such a treat. <3

Until next time,

C xx

Taking this dream date on the road!

Summer has hit full-force in Halifax with a heat wave over the last two days. Typically I enjoy a good sweat, but not with this heat. Seeking air conditioning and avoiding a sunburn has given me a chance to plan out some very exciting adventures this summer and fall.

First, I have a wee little trip planned to Yarmouth in two weeks! I haven’t been there in ages and am very much looking forward to having some seafood while I’m there, and take in some of the fishing town sights. It will be a lovely break from the steady, and sometimes fast, pace of Halifax.

Second, I have another (longer) trip planned, but the details are a secret… for now. I’m eager to share and hopefully will be able to say more soon!

I would like to thank all the wonderful humans who have been choosing to spend their time with me over the last few months. It has been an incredible experience to connect, share, and create memories that I will always cherish. I’m grateful to you all.

Until next time,

C xx

Sweet, Sultry Spring

Did you know I’m not only a companion, but a student, too? I’m taking a social services program! My summer semester has just begun and will keeping me quite busy. As a result, I will be only offering companionship a few days a week, and having a day or two available for pre-reserved dates only. I’m also requesting a deposit of 20% of the full RdV donation request for all dates requested for three hours or longer. Without a deposit, I will be unable to reserve a time longer than two hours.

I’ve got some sizzling summer photos coming for you all very, very soon :: keep your eyes on my Twitter for an announcement of when those will be available.