ocean dreams

The ocean is my home - - it’s where I feel most safe and free. Let’s find a secluded beach, whether it be summer or winter, dip our toes in the water, walk hand-in-hand through the sand with a warm (winter) or cold (summer) drink. After the ocean takes our stressors, let’s go somewhere private to share secrets… and maybe more.

jeans and a t-shirt

I’m more comfortable wearing Converse sneakers than I am wearing high heels, and based on how I look trying to walk in heels, you’ll thank me for preferring dressed down over dressed up. I like diners and locally-own casual restaurants for getting to know each other, followed by a walk on the waterfront at twilight, maybe a little rest on the hammocks - - perhaps that’s a preview of what will happen after we go inside.

winter warmth

Fall is nearly upon us (my favourite season!), which means the temperature will soon be getting much cooler. Come over in your favourite casual wear, let’s make some hot chocolate with Bailey’s, share a special brownie, watch some Animal Planet while wrapped up in blankets. Who knows where the mood will take us.

Have a date in mind that you don’t see here? I’m always up for suggestions and open to new ideas. Send an appropriately completed contact form my way and we’ll make it happen.