+ Where do we meet?

I currently offer both incall and outcall companionship. The incall space is a private, clean, and comfortable location in north end Halifax with access to a shower. Outcall dates are to be in (well-known) hotels, scheduled and obtained by you in the central Halifax/Dartmouth/Bedford area. Please include the hotel name and address upon reservation. If you have medical needs or barriers in accessing a hotel or my private incall, please contact me for accommodations.

For those with animal allergies: I have cats who are very friendly and like to greet everyone at the door. I am unable to tuck them away for extended periods of time, so if you have a cat allergy, please arrange alternate accommodations for our date or pump up on the allergy pills! [They do not share your date - I keep them out of our shared space during our time together.]

+ What's your menu?

I do not use a menu, acronyms, or explicit language when detailing a date. I am a human and expect to have communication that reflects your respect for me as a human.

+ Why aren't there any reviews of you online?

As you may have noticed, there are currently no reviews available of me online, as I have a no-review policy. I have reviews listed from previous dates available here on my website and ask that you refrain from leaving a review on a public forum, as every date is unique as we are as individuals, and would prefer not setting expectations for someone I have never met.

If you would like to send a light review for me to add to my notes of appreciation, I would be thrilled to know how you felt about our time together. You are welcome to send me something via email.

+ How do I screen?

There are a few ways you can screen. I would need one of the following:

  1. Reference: I need the name, contact information (preferably email), and website (no ads) of a provider you have seen in the last six months. Please contact the provider before sending me her information to ensure she is comfortable accepting reference requests.
  2. Photo ID: Send me a clear photo of your photo ID with your full name and photo visible (any other information can be concealed), as well as a selfie of you holding the same ID to verify that it is yours.
  3. Not comfortable sending your ID? No problem. I would need at least two links to public social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) that have names matching your name. They must be public so I can see them. The more profiles you send me, the better!
  4. Send a deposit via PayPal! A minimum deposit of 50 to crosehfx@protonmail.ch is one of the easiest ways I know you are the real deal.

Screening is non-negotiable and is only to ensure safety for both of us. The safer I feel, the more comfortable I will be around you.

+ How do I give you the donation when we meet?

I prefer to have our date feel as natural and non-transactional as possible, so I would like you to leave the donation in an unmarked envelope on the dresser/table in a visible spot upon arrival. If we are meeting in public, please have the donation in an unmarked envelope, inside a small gift bag to maintain discretion.

+ May I use you as a reference to see another provider?

If we have met before, you are welcome to use me as a reference. I'm reference-friendly and am always happy to hear from other companions.

+ What other ways can I see you online?

I am active on Twitter and have an OnlyFans account. My OnlyFans is where I share self-made content, both photos and videos, that I'm sure you will find enjoyable in private. There is a monthly subscription fee and I post there a few times a month. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter and interact as much as you would like, but please do not send any DMs.

+ Do you travel/tour?

I do! I am passport-ready and available for worldwide travel. I currently am only doing tours in Eastern and Central Canada as my schedule allows/have enough interest. I will not be doing FMTY or tours to any of the US for the foreseeable future and will announce if/when that changes. If you are interested in having me travel to you, please contact me via my reservation form and we can have something arranged.

+ What genders do you entertain and do you see couples?

I’m a lover of all genders, including men, women, trans+, and non-binary/genderfluid/GNC humans. I enjoy small groups, such as couples, for entertainment as well. If you have specifications for the type of rendez-vous experience you’re seeking, please send an email providing details of what you seek.

+ How do I get in touch with you?

The best way (and my preferred way) to be contacted is via my reservation form. After initial contact has been made, future dates can be scheduled via text. The more information in a contact form the better, and a well-written message will always pique my interest. I do not answer phone calls, nor will I respond to texts from text/messaging apps. I do not respond to messages via social media.

+ How long can we meet for?

I am available for any length of time from one hour to multi-day, and can offer 30 minute dates for those I have met before. All new dates are a one-hour minimum and submission play is a 90-minute minimum. I recommend a minimum of two hours for all new dates so we can get to know each other with no rushed feelings. Don't you deserve to have a chance to relax and let yourself go?

+ Do you require a deposit?

For reservations of 3-6 hours, I require a deposit of 100 sent via PayPal [no bank e-transfers] or a gift card from Amazon.ca, sent to charlee@kissfromcharleerose.com. For reservations longer than six hours, a deposit of 20% of full RdV is required. Without a deposit, I am unable to confirm a time longer than two hours together. Deposits are non-refundable. In the event you need to cancel in the acceptable timeframe, your deposit can be applied to a reservation at a later date. Please do not include any information or note with the deposit. If you require a note, please send it separately via email.

+ Do you offer submission?

I offer submissive dates only to those who have screened appropriately. Please contact me for the password and link to my submission information.

+ Can I bring you something when we meet?

Anything above the donation is never expected but will always bring a smile to my face. I would happily accept any additional donation or a small gift. Please note that I prefer to not have any food treats as I have various food needs/allergies. Please do not bring any alcohol as a gift because I do not drink.

+ Do you take outfit requests?

I take minimal outfit requests and will say no if I feel the outfit is out of my comfort zone or doesn't feel like me. While I can understand your desire to see me in something specific, I would like to feel most like myself during our time together so we can be as uninhibited as possible. If you request something I do not currently own and I would like to, you are welcome to gift the outfit to me.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

  • Over 24 hours notice: no fee
  • 12-24 hours notice: 25% of RdV donation
  • Less than 12 hours notice: 40% RdV donation
  • No show: unable to reserve again without full RdV donation of missed reservation plus deposit of 25% for new reservation

I require a cancellation fee because my time is my income, and with such short notice, I may not be able to fill to reservation time you initially reserved. I appreciate the understanding that I need to ensure my schedule and time are respected. I'll be sad if you have to cancel but completely understand. A little treat via PayPal or Amazon always cheers me up, though! If you decide to not follow through on my cancellation policy, that's fine, just expect to never be able to reserve a date with me in the future.