Where do we meet?

I currently offer both incall and outcall companionship. The incall space is a private, clean, and comfortable location in north end Halifax with access to a shower. Outcall dates are to be in (well-known) hotels, scheduled and obtained by you in the central Halifax/Dartmouth/Bedford area. Please include the hotel name and address upon reservation. If you have medical needs or barriers in accessing a hotel or my private incall, please contact me for accommodations.

If you are seeking to fly me to you, please contact me for more details.

Do you entertain just men, or women and couples as well?

I’m a lover of all genders, including men, women, trans* and non-binary/genderfluid/GNC humans. I enjoy small groups, such as couples, for entertainment as well. If you have specifications for the type of rendez-vous experience you’re seeking, please send an email providing details of what you seek.

How do I screen? I’ve never seen a provider before.

I’m tickled you chose me as your first! My safety is important, which means I require screening for all new dates. Without a reference of another established provider you’ve seen in the last six months, I ask for a photo of a piece of photo ID (full name and photo visible). I am discreet with this information and use it only to verify who you are. No screening, no date.

How do I get in touch with you?

The most reliable way to contact me is via email or through my contact page. I do not answer unexpected phone calls, nor do I respond to texts from messaging/texting apps. I do not answer direct messages on any social media. I am available for any questions you may have regarding reservations or the experiences I provide.

How long can we meet for?

I’m available by the hour, up to overnight, all day, or all weekend. We can spend that time in private behind closed doors, on an outing together, or a mix of the two (please contact for mixed RdV donation). *Please note that all submissive companionship is a 90 minute minimum.

Do I need to give a deposit?

For reservations of 3-6 hours, I require a deposit of 100 sent via PayPal [no bank e-transfers]. For all day/all night/all weekend reservations, a deposit of 20% of full RdV is required. Without a deposit, I am unable to confirm a time longer than two hours together. I also require a deposit for all reservations made more than 24 hours in advance. In the event of cancellation within the accepted timeframe, the deposit will be refunded via PayPal to the email address it was sent from.

Do you offer submission?

I offer submissive dates only to those who have screened appropriately. Please contact me for the password and link to my submission information.

What if I can’t find a time that works, or I live too far away to schedule a date with you, but I still want to show you I appreciate you?

You’re too sweet! I have a wishlist that can be found here that is updated regularly. I will have a PO box mailing address set up shortly to receive mail. In the meantime, Amazon.ca gift cards can be sent to charlee@kissfromcharleerose.com. Please be sure to include a note of who it’s from so I can properly thank you!

Cancellation policy:

- Over 24 hours notice: no fee
- 12-24 hours notice: 25% of RdV donation
- Less than 12 hours notice: 40% RdV donation
- No show: unable to reserve again without full RdV donation of missed reservation plus deposit of 25% for new reservation

I require a cancellation fee because my time is my income, and with such short notice, I may not be able to fill to reservation time you initially reserved. I appreciate the understanding that I need to ensure my schedule and time are respected.