Who is Charlee Rose?

If this is your first time here, welcome. If we have met before, I am thrilled to have you back.

I’m Charlee - - - Halifax’s secret escape for authentic connection, comfort in vulnerability, and cherished experiences.

I am a very curvy, quirky, uninhibited human who wants to explore intimacy with you. I come across as reserved but have a deep, burning passion for human connection. Intellectual connection is just as arousing as physical and I thrive off learning about others. I am playful, teasing, and a bit bratty at times. I want to engage with you in all ways possible. I crave to build connection with you in whatever way you choose. I celebrate and entertain all body types and sizes, all genders, all levels of intimacy, and all sexualities.

Everything we did... Every movement, every touch, every word spoken was perfect. There were times when we would just look into each others’ eyes and she would simply say my name. It made me feel like, in that moment, I was the most important person to her.

I do not use acronyms and do not have a menu. I prefer to let our chemistry lead the way… but worry not, I am open to a wide range of interests and am eager to learn about yours. My caring nature creates a positive, fulfilling, and relaxing connection that will create a meaningful encounter for us both. I will always greet you like we have the familiarity of tethered souls, whether it is our first meeting or our tenth. I will always ensure your comfort and ease throughout our time together. I strive to give the best of experiences and leave you feeling entirely fulfilled.

Let’s meet and discover the enrichment we can give each other.