Gifts from the heart…

… Always win my heart. Gifts are never expected or necessary, but do show that you are thinking of me and are wonderful ways of showing me you care and respect my work and the time, energy, and reciprocated care I put into you.

If you do send me a gift card (to, please be sure to include your name so I can appropriately thank you!


I am happy to accept gift cards/gifts from the following sites:

Nox Shop - If you schedule a date in person after I shop with a GC from you, I would be happy to share my purchase

Origami Customs - This is a Montreal-based, inclusive undergarment and swimwear company that I would LOVE to own some pieces from

Etsy - Who doesn’t love a vintage or custom-made home decor?

Unbound Babes - Again, always happy to share

Society6 - I would love to order snuggly clothing items for comfort and items to customize my incall suite

FabFitFun - I use FFF as a way to give myself a self-care break from work and everyday life, and would always appreciate a GC to customize my seasonal box

Catastrophic Creations - When my fur babies are happy, I’m happy

Starbucks - I would love to think of you while sipping on a drink treat and doing work

I also accept gifts to my PayPal