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For texting purposes only, no phone calls will be made
All new dates are required to give a reference of a companion seen in the last six months - name, contact information, and online presence (website, etc.). If no reference available, alternate screening will be required. Without a reference and/or screening, no reservation will be scheduled.
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I require minimum two hours notice for all dates. I am unable to schedule a date with less notice, for both new and returning dates. Please fill out the reservation form with as much detail as possible to streamline the reservation process.

I reserve the right to screen every potential client to ensure my safety, and also so we can have a truly enjoyable and relaxing time together. I also reserve the right to end our time together at any point if established boundaries (that we can set together) are violated or I feel my safety is compromised. With open communication, I am confident we can have a fun, enriching time together.